Community Engagement

Helping to Deliver Results + Solve Problems

Emory's Community Engagement Strategy, developed in 2019, aligns our university vision, mission, and institutional values with purposeful and measurable community-engagement efforts.

Where there are common interests and alignment, we aspire to address local and global societal challenges by building on community strengths and strategic partnerships.

Our goal is to ensure the intentional use of our research, scholarship, and human capital—including faculty, staff, students, and alumni—as well as our economic influence—such as local buying and hiring—by focusing our efforts on the greatest need areas, as determined by internal capacity and external community feedback.

We look forward to growing and measuring our collective work over time.

Priorities + Initiatives

Strategic Priorities

Health and well-being | Social and economic mobility | Arts, science, and cultural enrichment

Key Goals

Major Initiatives

Some of our major initiatives with community partners

Partnerships in action

Local Impact

Areas where we really focus our efforts

Counties, Cities, Towns

Emory Impact Report

Explore Emory University's impact in areas from academics and research to Atlanta and the world.

2019 Impact Report

Making Connections

Our Team

Find colleagues who can help you make community contacts.

Meet the Team

Emory University will enhance and develop thriving, mutually beneficial, and sustained partnerships that build on community assets and our greatest institutional strengths and resources—including our faculty, staff, students, and alumni—to address critical challenges in our community.