Strategic Priorities

Health Care

Care + Compassion

Emory spent $677 million in community benefits in FY2020 to improve the health care of Georgians. To allow our health system to do what it does best—care for Georgia's sick and vulnerable—we work to ensure that government policies reflect the true cost of providing health care.

As an academic health center, Emory cares for some of state's sickest patients, with more than one in six patients arriving at Emory University Hospital after their care needs could not be met elsewhere. To continue to serve our state, we are committed to training the next generation of providers, including educating half of the residents in the state of Georgia.

Priorities include ensuring that government regulations improve patient care.

Higher Education

Access + Affordability

Any student accepted here should be able to choose an Emory education regardless of financial ability.

Last year, Emory contributed nearly 24 times more the grant/scholarship/financial aid ($335 million) to our students than the federal government provided ($14 million). And the Emory Advantage program gives students the opportunity to graduate with little or no debt, easing the financial burdens that can limit postgraduate career or education choices.

Priorities include improved financial aid dollars as well as policies that support highly functioning institutions of higher education.


Discovery + Innovation

Emory is proud to partner with the government in advancing the nation's research enterprise.

Our groundbreaking researchers are awarded more than $450 million in federal research grants annually.

Emory, as part of its commitment to improving lives, provides significant infrastructure resources to help our researchers succeed. For every dollar an Emory researcher brings into Georgia, it's estimated that Emory contributes nearly 23 cents of its own resources.

Priorities include stable and consistent government investment and maintaining the integrity of the peer-review process.