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Your Guide to Public Service

Our team has decades of public service expertise. Let us help you navigate through the system to share your research or look for employment opportunities.

Would you like to intern for an elected official? Do you have an exciting research project you would like to share? Are you looking for a postgraduation job in public service?

We are here to assist. With extensive government and community experience and thoughtfully cultivated relationships, we can provide important context, make introductions, and help pave the way for your successful interaction with elected officials and community leaders.

Student Opportunities in Government

GCA Guidance: Government Opportunities

Jobs + Internships in Government

Lobbying Policies + Guidelines

GCA Guidance: Advocacy

Tips for Emory community members

Emory's Lobbying Policy (9.6)

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Lobbying Activity Expense Report

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Making Connections

Federal, State, Local

Working with government partners from Washington to Atlanta to Warm Springs

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Connecting with business partners

business + industry contacts

Educational + Nonprofit

Connecting with educational and nonprofit partners

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Our Team

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