Strategic Priorities

Community Engagement Strategy

Emory University is honored to serve as a trusted partner in identifying, addressing, and solving definable challenges that are integral to the success of our community.

Our institution is fulfilling its Community Engagement Mission through three strategic priority areas:

  • Health and Well-Being
  • Social and Economic Mobility
  • Arts, Science, and Cultural Enrichment

We are tackling projects with measurable outcomes, with community partners, and within specific geographic areas on focused areas of need—and we invite you to join us.

Health and Well-Being

Healing our community

To enhance the quality of life for all individuals throughout the greater Atlanta area, with an intentional focus on addressing health disparities and the social determinants of health

By providing access and resources to underserved populations, our collective strengths of scholarship, service, research, spirituality, and medicine can be targeted to foster healthy communities.

Social and Economic Mobility

Improving social mobility and wealth generation in our community

To increase economic sustainability and mobility for the greater Atlanta area

  • Focus on income disparities that close gaps in Pre-K-20 student achievement and academic preparedness through strategic, collaborative partnerships
  • Generate meaningful, local employment opportunities for our future workforce through education, development, and hiring
  • Make investments and intentionally source products and services from local businesses

By targeting underresourced areas, we aspire to help create stronger early childhood through postsecondary schools, small-business growth to support social mobility, and vibrant and thriving neighborhoods throughout the community.

Arts, Science, and Cultural Enrichment

Inspiring our community

To inspire, engage, and educate Emory and the community to collaborate with key stakeholders in defining the creative economy in Atlanta and the region

We aspire to become a more inclusive, united community by leveraging our institutional strengths in the arts and humanities and learning from our rich cultural history to advance equity and social change with a particular focus on educational enrichment for local youth.