How to Partner with Emory

Teaming Up for Impact

To facilitate the process of community engagement, Emory follows an operating model for determining signature partnerships that will be developed, expanded, and/or enhanced in accord with our local priorities.

Our model features:

  • Aligned, collective action of community partners including civic organizations, nonprofits, and interest groups
  • Emory assets, based on the institution's identified strengths
  • Overarching local community priorities
  • The interests of our faculty, staff, students, and alumni

In addition, we will measure the impact of our community engagement practices over time and demonstrate how Emory addresses the needs of the community that are unique to Atlanta and Emory.

Partnership Guidelines

Before establishing a new partnership or evaluating an existing one, please review our guidelines for establishing Emory-related partnerships in the community.

  • Aligns with Emory's vision and mission to create, preserve, teach, and apply knowledge in the service of humanity
  • Meets an ability we possess and need that our community wants met
  • Core competency of Emory (i.e., something for which we have a demonstrated strength)
  • Resources are available and foreseen as available to the community
  • Mutually beneficial—both partners have a vested interest in seeing progress
  • Measurable
  • Community partner(s) engaged or willing to work in the area
  • Provide new opportunities to grow (faculty expertise, resources) and exhibits "staying power"
  • Leadership passion, commitment, willingness on the part of faculty and staff to advance the priority
    • An executive champion is critical
    • Faculty/staff/students/alumni must be incentivized
    • Resources must be committed for a significant sustained period (i.e., five years)
  • Partnership appropriate to meet capacity to effect change (i.e., neither too broad nor too narrow)

Also consider the necessary internal experts and cross-functional teams to develop focused and targeted projects.