126th Edition

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126th EditionDecember 02, 2021

Federal Affairs

Congressional Update: 

December is looking like it could be the busiest month for Congress since the 2012 “fiscal cliff.”  

Key dates to watch for between now and the New Year include the following:

Dec. 3: Government funding runs out at midnight.

  • A Continuing Resolution (CR), or flat funding carried over from one year to the next, is the current path forward. If Members of Congress do not reach an agreement, a government shutdown will occur, affecting everything from access to national parks to funding the CDC and NIH. As of this writing, a CR through 2/18 is advancing forward.
  • OGCA is pushing for increased FY2022 appropriations for a number of Emory priorities including federal investment in research and student financial aid as well as funding for specific programs like our Injury Prevention Research Center and NETEC.
Dec. 15: Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s deadline to raise the debt limit.
  • The intense rhetoric we saw leading up to the initial Oct. 18 default date has died down considerably, but there is still no clear path forward on raising the ceiling.
Dec. 31: Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s deadline to pass Biden’s Build Back Better plan.
  • On November 19, the U.S. House of Representatives passed Democrats’ social spending bill, a $1.7 trillion package of tax, health care, and climate initiatives. This is a significant step forward for President Joe Biden’s domestic agenda, and is considered the most significant restructuring of the safety net in decades. This tracking chart highlights the provisions of interest to Emory.
  • Meetings with the Senate parliamentarian, regarding the eligibility of certain reconciliation provisions, are ongoing. Once that work is completed, Majority Leader Schumer will bring Build Back Better legislation to the Senate floor.
Dec. 31: Congressional deadline to pass the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).
  • The Senate failed to reach an agreement on this must-pass, $768 billion bill before Thanksgiving recess. The bill faced another speed bump this week as Republicans blocked efforts to shut down debate on the bill, arguing they need more negotiating time. This bill has passed with bipartisan support every year for the last 60 years - it is one of the few yearly authorizing bills left in Congress.  
Dec. 31: Significant Medicare Cuts come into effect.
  • The moratorium on the 2% Medicare sequester cuts is currently scheduled to expire Dec. 31. In addition, a statutory PAYGO sequester requires that mandatory spending and revenue legislation not increase the federal budget; unless it is waived, the result is an additional $9.4 billion in cuts to hospital providers in fee-for-service Medicare next year.
  • OGCA is working closely with AHA and AAMC to prevent these cuts from going into effect.  If you would like to reach out to your elected officials on this important issue, please visit the Coalition to Protect America’s Healthcare.

Community Engagement

Election Update

Congratulations to Andre Dickens, the new mayor-elect for the City of Atlanta, and to Doug Shipman, the new Atlanta City Council President, who is an Emory alum.

Emory Inspired

We are pleased to share this new Emory Inspired story on our partnership with local farmers, ensuring a sustainable food supply to our campus.

Legislative Preview

On November 30, OGCA participated in the Legislative Preview hosted by the DeKalb and Dunwoody Perimeter Chambers. Betty Willis, Senior Associate Vice President, moderated the transportation and infrastructure panel and Kendra Price, Government Affairs Manager, moderated the Health and Wellness panel. Congressman Hank Johnson (GA-4) was the keynote speaker, and other DeKalb County elected officials shared what the local and business community can expect during the 2022 legislative session. 

DeKalb County Vaccinations

On December 4, volunteers from across the Emory enterprise will participate in DeKalb County’s vaccination drive in Doraville, focusing on Buford Highway’s multicultural community. DeKalb County CEO, Michael Thurmond said, “Because of our partnership with the DeKalb County Board of Health, Emory University and Emory Healthcare, DeKalb has improved the vaccination rates in communities that are experiencing high rates of vaccine hesitancy.”

DeKalb County Task Force

OGCA supports the work of DeKalb Commissioner Larry Johnson, who established an Anti-Racism Taskforce that includes Emory University faculty and staff, public officials, and local community leaders. Grown out of a Resolution by the Governing Authority of DeKalb County declaring racism a public health crisis, the Taskforce is charged with gathering and utilizing data to generate recommendations for DeKalb County officials to use in their pursuit of equity for all. A survey was developed to collect this data from DeKalb County citizens and make the necessary recommendations.

Team Updates

Congratulations to Kendra Price, Government Affairs Manager, who has been named an Unsung Hero by Congressman Hank Johnson (GA-4).

Welcome to our newest team member - Ryan Pelfrey. Ryan will serve as the Assistant Director of Federal Affairs, working to advance Emory’s priorities with Congress and the Administration. Ryan has spent his career in public service, serving both Governor Kemp and former U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson. Please join us in welcoming Ryan to Emory!

In Other News

Emory-developed COVID drug seeks FDA approval. Visit our new website on drug discovery for more information here

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